Group Committee

The members of Group Committee (Scouters, executive and parents) hope that you and your child will find your involvement with 7th Juan de Fuca Scout Group a rewarding experience with many new friends and happy memories.

Scouting is an organization run by volunteers that encourages good citizenship, outdoor skills and personal development of the youth in a non-competitive manner. Each section – Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers – reflect a natural progression of program requirements and activities in order to develop these qualities.

The following information provides answers to some of your questions and gives you an overview of the structure of the Scouting movement: what you can expect of it and what it can expect of you.

Structure of the Scouting Movement

  • Area: Scouting is an international organisation with 7th Juan de Fuca as a branch of the Greater Victoria Area. The Area oversees the operation of each group (about 30 of them), provides assistance when needed, operates and maintains Camp Barnard, organizes some fundraisers (such as Apple Day), and provides leadership training. The Area also operates the Scout Shop at 505 Marigold. (Where you can purchase uniforms, handbooks, camping equipment, etc.)
  • Group Committee: This is the administrative branch of 7th Juan de Fuca, responsible directly to Area. Group Committee consists of the section Scouters and the parents of all children in 7th Juan de Fuca, elected to positions such as Commissioner, Administrator, Secretary, Treasurer and Fundraiser. Meetings are held monthly and all parents are invited to attend. If you are interested, please contact one of your Section’s Scouters.
  • Scouters: We cannot operate without our volunteer Scouters. The group provides for adequate training of all volunteers in each section. This training is conducted through Area and through the knowledge of more experienced Scouters. If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, please contact one of your child’s Scouters.
  • Sections:
    • Beavers: ages 5 – 7 years
    • Cubs: ages 8 – 10 years
    • Scouts: ages 11 – 14 years
    • Venturers: ages 14 – 17 years
    • Rovers: ages 18 – 26 years

Fees: Registration fees are set yearly by Scouts Canada to cover administrative costs and for insurance purposes. These fees must be paid yearly by Group Committee to cover all youth participants. Dues are to help pay for badges and disposable craft supplies. Camp fees are set by the individual sections to offset the cost of food, camp fuel, site fees, craft supplies, special badges, etc. Group Committee also assists in paying for camp fees throughout the year through various fundraisers.

Fundraising: Since registration fees go directly to Scouts Canada’s National and Council operations, fundraisers are essential to the operation of the group. Group Committee assists in paying for the following; camping equipment, handbooks, supplies, flashes, badges, annual social events, Scouter and group committee training, and other expenses not covered by dues. It is the responsibility of all parents and youth to participate in Group fundraisers. Please respond positively when asked to help out by your child’s Scouters.