Group Operating Procedures

  1. REFUNDS – No refunds of registration money will be given after a member is confirmed on the Scouts Canada myScouts database.
  2. REGISTRATION OF LEADERS – Group Committee will approve new leader membership forms on unanimous approval from all members of the concerned section, provided the Volunteer Screening process does not preclude registration (In accordance with BP & P). Leader membership fees shall be paid by the Group, and Scouters in Training shall pay only the difference between youth and adult membership fees.
  3. LEADER UNIFORMS – Leaders to bear the cost of their own uniforms.
    1. The Group shall bear the cost of Scouter Leadership Team training.
    2. Minimum of one scouting year between WB I and WB II unless waived by the Group Commissioner
    3. New Adult members must attempt to complete WB I training within one year of initial registration. (as per signature agreement on registration form.) The Group Commissioner must approve all other training applicable to the section. Members may take other training at any time at their own expense. Only one WB I course per member per year.
    1. Registration forms, Non-member Physical Fitness Certificates, Parent Consent forms and Hold Harmless Agreement forms (where appropriate) are to be utilized for all participants (Parent helpers, siblings and leaders) for each activity away from the regular meeting place as per the Scouts Canada Volunteer Screening requirements.
    2. All section leaders are to have accident report forms on hand at all times.
  6. GROUP FUNDRAISERS – All money from these events will go directly to Group Committee to be used by the sections for program requirements. Five (5) percent of all Group fundraisers will go to the special events account to be used for activities outside the normal yearly program.
  7. SECTION FUNDRAISERS – All Section fundraising is to be approved by the Group Fundraiser or Group Administrator, and must define the purpose for the fundraiser and plan for equitable distribution of all funds raised and comply with BP&P.
    1. Each section will have a petty cash box, which will be kept and documented. Documentation and funds will be reviewed by the Group Treasurer as needed.
    2. Group Bank Accounts will be the Group General Account and the Group Gaming Account.
  9. GROUP YOUTH COMMISSIONER – Representatives from the Youth Councils of each Section shall make up the nominating committee, which will name at least one (1) candidate for Group Youth Commissioner to the Area Youth Commissioner annually. The Group Youth Commissioner is a full Group Committee Executive with voting power. The Nominating Committee will be advised (but not chaired) by the outgoing Group Youth Commissioner or an advisor accepted by the committee with no vote.

Reviewed and approved: 18 June 2014