Quarter Master Stores

William Dennis – Quarter Master – quartermaster@7thjuandefuca.ca

Procedures for signing out equipment:

Make an appointment with the Quarter Master (or in his absence, with the Group Commissioner or Administrator) at least 7 days prior to your requested gear draw date.

You can sign out the equipment the day before camp, if need be, but make these arrangements 7 days prior. The same applies when returning such equipment.

Use theĀ Outing Equipment list provided by the QM and available on the Group Website.

After camp, the equipment shall be returned clean and stoves/lanterns will be free of gas and vented of all fumes.

Equipment shall be returned no later than 2 weeks after an activity, unless other arrangements are made with the QM, Group Commissioner or Group Administrator.

The Quartermaster (or in his absence, the Group Commissioner or Administrator) will inspect the equipment before putting it away in the Group Storage Locker.