Scout Camp Kit List

Scouts should have their gear packed in a sturdy backpack for camp as they have to hike in to their campsite!!! (It’s about 1km)

The clothing list below should include what they are wearing as they go to camp.
e.g. 2-3 pairs of pants would mean wearing one pair and having 1-2 in their pack.
Adjust the amount of COLD gear by the time of year – but Fall and Spring can be cold and wet!


  • Rain coat
  • waterproof pants
  • hiking boots (waterproofed) – NO Rubber Boots!
  • warm toque wool or polar fleece
  • scarf/gloves – optional
  • long thermal underwear (tops and bottoms) – optional
  • 2-3 pairs pants (NO 100% cotton or jeans – the scout will be sent home.)
  • 1-2 warm sweaters (e.g. medium weight fleece)


  • 2-3 T-shirts (no 100% cotton) – at least one long sleeve recommended
  • ~5 pairs thermal socks, strongly suggest wool (no 100% cotton)
  • Liner socks, suggest microfiber (optional)
  • regular underwear(enough for days at camp plus 1 extra)
  • warm pajamas or an additional pair of thermal underwear or polar fleece pants and shirt, hoodies work great
  • comfy around camp shoes – optional


  • Sleep pad – Therm-a-rest or foam insulating mat – No air mattresses except self-inflating
  • sleeping bag – plus liner/wool blanket (any combination to take you to ~–10ºC)
  • pillow (optional)
  • extra blanket (optional)
  • Bed buddy (optional)


  • Soap
  • Small towel/facecloth
  • Toothbrush/paste
  • Sunscreen/lip balm
  • Hand lotion/ purell (optional)
  • Other personal items


  • daypack with (filled) water bottle
  • unbreakable (not metal) mug – with handle and clip to pack – optional
  • flashlight with extra new batteries
  • notebook and pencil
  • whistle and garbage bag
  • Spare hat and gloves/mitts
  • Scout first-aid kit and emergency kit (see Scout handbook)
  • sunglasses (optional)
  • camera (optional)
  • Sunscreen


  • pocket knife with Locking blade – max 4 inch blade
  • quiet activities, ie. book (optional)
  • deck of cards (optional)
  • in a mesh bag, that can be hung up: one of each of the following: cup, bowl, plate, fork, knife & spoon

Troop Gear – Any gear given to the scout by the troop (Example: tent, lantern , or stove) must be packed with their backpack as they are responsible for transporting it to camp as well as taking it home for cleaning and maintenance.

NOTE: Medication brought to camp must be in the original packaging clearly labeled with user name, dosage, and instructions. Please present any medications (prescription or over the counter) upon arrival at camp to the First Aider.

Leave home: Electronics – ipod, mp3, game devices — any cell phone should be left in pack

Cold Weather Clothing

No Cotton – Why?
Loses its insulation ability when it gets wet, so it is NOT an appropriate fabric for wilderness or cold weather use. Cotton absorbs water and holds moisture next to the body, making you colder. Avoid cotton thermal long underwear as well. Thin cotton socks are even worse.

Yes – Why?
Retains its insulation qualities even when wet. Wool is also very durable and can stand up to a lot of abuse.
fleece: A synthetic fibre with qualities very similar to wool. It is able to wick moisture away from the skin. It does not absorb water so it is able to insulate even in wet weather.
polypropylene: Another synthetic fibre with qualities comparable to those of fleece and wool. It is generally worn next to the skin and is a very effective wicking layer. Silk acts similarly

We have had great luck at second hand stores and Winner’s

Why Air Mattresses Aren’t Warm to Sleep on in Cold Weather

There are a couple of reasons that air mattresses aren’t warm to sleep on. If you blow them up with your breath, then you get them wet inside, and the water vapour condenses on the inside of the mattress and water convects your heat away 25 times faster than air! Brrr!

The other reason is that the air inside the mattress moves around. So there is always cold air from the ground moving up against your back – and the air mattress itself (the plastic finish) doesn’t have any insulating properties. So as you warm up a bit of air that is right next to your body, it moves around (you create a miniature weather system inside the mattress!) and the cold air from the part of the mattress that is in contact with the ground, moves up and touches you. Brrr!

I know that hot air rises and cold air sinks, but the space is so confined that the cold and warm air inside the mattress mixes constantly. You’re trying to warm up the whole patch of ground underneath and around you when you sleep on an air mattress when it’s cold, and you just can’t!

Check with friends and family for what you don’t already own. In addition both MEC and TAO rent equipment. Army/Navy Surplus stores are a great source for winter sleeping bags.

Hey, we might as well face it we live in a cold climate country so, let’s get out there and enjoy it. The right gear makes all the difference. Better yet – No Bugs!!!!

Scout Camp Kit List