Venturer Company Bylaws


  1. The governing body of the Company shall be known as the “Executive Council” and shall consist of the President, Vice- President, Treasurer, Secretary, Fundraiser and Quarter-Master duly elected from the membership in good standing in accordance with these by-laws. It shall also consist of Advisors who shall be ex-officio members of the Executive Council.
  2. The duties and responsibilities of the members of the Executive Council shall be as follows:
    1. The President shall:
      1. be responsible for the preparation of the overall program and the agenda for meetings;
      2. preside over the Company and Executive Council meetings and shall, in due course, ensure that parliamentary procedures are followed as closely as possible;
      3. co-ordinate the activities of the Company, working closely with his Executive Council;
      4. represent the Company on the 7th Juan de Fuca Group Committee; and
      5. If willing, assume the position on Group Youth Commissioner as a member of the Group Committee Executive, and represent 7th Juan de Fuca on the Area Youth Committee.
      6. If not willing to accept the role of the Youth Commissioner, the this role will be elected by the company
    2. The Vice President shall:
      1. assist the President and be prepared to assume his duties if required;
      2. be responsible for the recruiting and briefing of all new and prospective members of the Company;
      3. maintain the Company Log of activities.
    3. The Treasurer shall:
      1. under the supervision of the Advisor, collect, bank and control the distribution of Company funds, keeping an accurate record of all financial matters; and,
      2. present a financial statement to the Company at the monthly Business Meeting.
    4. The Secretary shall:
      1. maintain a register of all current members of the Company and their level of achievement in the Venturer Program;
      2. advise absent members of the proceedings and decisions made at Company Meetings;
      3. in conjunction with the President, prepare an Agenda for each Company Business Meeting;
      4. maintain a permanent record of each Company Business Meeting and be prepared to present minutes at subsequent meetings; and,
      5. be responsible for the Company’s correspondence.
    5. The Fundraiser shall:
      1. monitor all Company fundraising events through the appointed fundraising event coordinator;
      2. assist fundraising event coordinators in the planning and execution of fundraising events; and,
      3. assist the Group Fundraiser with fundraising activities involving the Company.
    6. The Quarter-Master shall:
      1. be responsible for signing for and the care and distribution of equipment owned or on loan to the Company;
      2. be responsible for making a record and reporting of any damage to equipment; and,
      3. recover costs of repair/replacement of equipment damaged outside of normal wear and tear from the person(s) responsible.
    7. The Advisors are accountable to Group Commissioner for all actions of the Company. The Advisors shall:
      1. advise the Executive Council on policy, procedures and activities;
      2. assist the Executive Council in the formulation of the Company program;
      3. make whatever arrangements necessary to achieve program objectives that are beyond the capabilities of the Executive Council to arrange: and
      4. assist the President in representing the Company at 7th Juan de Fuca Group Committee meetings.
      5. Have the responsibility of making sure the Company completes Venturer program activities in accordance to Scouts Canada policies.
    8. The position of Advisor shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Council and the 7th Juan de Fuca Scout Group Commissioner. New Advisors may be subject to a probation period at the discretion of the Executive Council.
    9. Other positions deemed necessary from time to time by the Executive Council may be filled by appointment from the general membership under authority of the President. The term of appointed positions shall be at the discretion of the Executive Council.
    10. The term of the elected members of the Executive Council should not exceed one year and members should not be re-elected to their former office for the succeeding term except as noted in Section 3, part 4 of the By-Law.


  1. All invested members of the Company, in good standing, shall have the right to entertain a motion to be voted upon.
  2. All invested members of the Company with the exception of the President and the Advisors may vote upon matters concerning the Company. Only in the event of a tie may the President cast his vote. Except as otherwise stated in these by-laws, all motions shall be decided by a simple majority of members present.
  3. A quorum, consisting of at least two-thirds of the total Company membership, must be present before any financial motion may be entertained. In the event the Executive Council may deem it necessary and appropriate to expend Company funds, and there are insufficient members present or time does not permit a General or Business meeting, the Council may proceed provided it has the unanimous support of all members of the Council and the approval of the Advisor. The financial limit of this authority shall not exceed 100 dollars. The Executive Council must subsequently account for its actions at the next Company meeting and seek the approval of the general membership.
  4. The Executive Council shall have the power of VETO over any popular motion, which, in its opinion, would be detrimental to the Company. In order to execute this power, two-thirds of the Council including the President must support the VETO. After the VETO of a motion, the Executive Council shall be allowed two weeks in which to prepare an accounting of its action. If the reasons are deemed unacceptable to the Company, the same motion may be re-entertained and if two-thirds of the total membership agrees, the motion will pass.
  5. The Venturer Advisor(s) has the power of VETO over any Company motion and may cancel any Company activity that is considered to be detrimental to the Company, or contrary to the policy or wishes of Group Committee, or contravenes the By-Laws, Policies and Procedures of Scouts Canada.
  6. A VETO over a Company motion by an Advisor, may be appealed at the next Business meeting provided the motion has received 100 percent support of the Company and the VETO has not been seconded by another Advisor or member of Group Committee. All appeals must be submitted in writing to the Advisor who will have two weeks to consider the matter before a final ruling is made.
  7. In the event of dissatisfaction within the Company with the Executive Council, or any member of the Executive Council, a member may move a motion of “Non-Confidence” in the Executive Council, or that member. A quorum, consisting of two-thirds of the total Company membership, must vote in the affirmative for the said motion to pass. If the motion is passed, the Executive Council, or that member against whom the motion was made, must resign and new elections scheduled for the next Company Business meeting.


  1. The election of officers shall take place at the first regularly scheduled Business Meeting of the Scouting year, after 7th Juan de Fuca Scout Group holds registration night.
  2. The election of officers to the Executive Council shall be governed by a simple majority of all members of the Company present at the election meeting.
  3. The Executive officers shall be elected from the voting members at the election meeting.
  4. A vacancy occurring in any of the elected offices during a term shall be filled by appointment until elections are held. The appointed member of the Executive Council may, if elected, serve in that office for a succeeding term.
  5. The outgoing President shall conduct elections.


  1. The President, in consultation with the Executive, shall appoint committees as the need arises.
  2. Committees are responsible to the Executive.
  3. The acting Coordinator/Chairperson of each Committee shall work in conjunction with the Executive, attending Executive meetings as necessary.
  4. Each Coordinator/Chairperson shall present a written report to the executive upon completion of the Program or Event, or upon transfer of duties.
  5. All committees shall be dissolved when their duties are completed or when recommended by the Executive.


  1. General Meetings of the Company shall normally be held weekly at either the Colwood Pacific Activity Centre or Esquimalt Lagoon. From time to time, in order to achieve Company program objectives, the day, time or location of a General Meeting may be changed at the discretion of the Executive Council. The procedure at a General Meeting shall normally be as follows:
    1. President calls meeting to order;
    2. Reading of minutes of previous meeting (if required);
    3. Summary of Company activities;
    4. Program;
    5. Adjournment.
  2. Executive Council Meetings shall be held at least once every two months, and at such other times as deemed necessary by the President. The Council shall meet to discuss matters of concern to the Company, prepare agenda for Business Meetings, and plan and co-ordinate program activities. The procedure at an Executive Council Meeting is not structured, however the following items will normally be discussed:
    1. Minutes of the previous Council Meeting;
    2. Correspondence;
    3. Finances;
    4. Short range program;
    5. Long range program and objectives.
  3. Company Business Meetings shall normally be held during the first week of each month in lieu of a General Meeting. The procedure for a Business Meeting will normally be as follows:
    1. President calls the meeting to order;
    2. Minutes of the previous Business Meeting;
    3. Treasurer report of monthly expenditures and revenues;
    4. Summary of Company activities;
    5. Future program and objectives;
    6. Unfinished business;
    7. New business;
    8. Introduction of new members (admission vote);
    9. Adjournment.
  4. The signing authority for the Company’s financial accounts shall be vested in the invested signing officer:
      • Treasurer of the Executive Council;
    • And the invested signing directors:
      • Advisor; and,
      • Group Committee Treasurer.
    • The Treasurer of the Executive Council and one of the signing directors must sign cheques issued by the Company.
  5. Dues for members shall be five dollars per month (regardless of attendance) collected by the Treasurer at the monthly Business Meeting. Fees for camps shall be determined by the Executive Council and collected as required. The Company financial records shall be made available to the Advisor weekly and the Group Committee monthly (if desired). All members will ensure that any outstanding dues and camp fees are paid before attending any major event or camp (eg. Mardi-Gras, ROVENT, SKEETER). Extenuating circumstances will be decided upon by the President, Treasurer and Advisor.
  6. The Company Record Book shall be maintained by the Secretary and brought to every Executive Council and Business Meeting. There shall be three copies made of all Company correspondence, one each for the President, Advisor, and file. The Company Record Book shall be made available to the Advisor every two months (if desired).
  7. The Company Log shall be maintained by the Vice-President and be made available to the Advisor every two months (if desired).
  8. Visitors are welcome to attend any Company activity however a member, who shall be responsible to the Executive Council for their conduct, must sponsor the guest. Only persons who are registered members of Scouts Canada and who have signed the required medical forms will be permitted to accompany the Company on camping ventures.
  9. Gender segregation shall occur at camps by sleeping quarters and in all other situations deemed necessary by the Executive Council to ensure good conduct.


  1. No swearing, foul language, racism, or discrimination will be tolerated.
  2. No drug usage (including alcohol) will be tolerated.
  3. Respect for everyone and all property is required.
  4. Relationships that develop between group members are to remain discreet, and will not interfere with any company activities.
  5. No males in female shelters and no females in male shelters during sleeping hours.
  6. Invested Venturers not in full uniform at “V” ceremonies (i.e. Opening/closing) will be required to take one step out of the “V”.
  7. Failure to adhere to any of these codes of membership will result in immediate review by the disciplinary committee, which may determine that termination is necessary.
  8. A youth who is accepted for membership in the Company must:
    1. Uphold the constitution and bylaws, policies and procedures of 7th Juan de Fuca Venturers.
    2. Perform her/his duties with honesty and integrity.
    3. Respect the rights of all individuals.
    4. Take direction from the members, ensuring that representation processes are in place.
    5. Work to ensure that issues are resolved through due process.
    6. Respect all confidential information.
    7. Upon acceptance of position, read this document and sign acknowledgement that this document has been read and understood.


  1. The dress uniform worn by the Company shall be as follows:
    • Regulation collared blue Venturer shirt and appropriate badges;
    • Tan pants;
    • Company necker – 7th Juan de Fuca colours (Upon investiture).
  2. All members attending formal Scouting events such as Remembrance Day, Investitures or other events as deemed by the Executive Council shall wear the dress uniform. The dress uniform need not be worn to casual events.
  3. In accordance with Scouts Canada policy, Company members may choose to wear the approved “activity-wear” uniform available from the Scout Shop for non-formal events. Invested members will wear the Company Necker at all times while in either dress or casual uniform.
  4. At the discretion of the Executive Council, other forms of dress may be approved from time to time for special activities or functions.


  1. The Company shall conduct opening and closing ceremonies in the form of a “Venturer V” at flag break, Scouts Own, flag down, and at such other times as determined by the Executive Council.
  2. The National flag and the Company Venturer flag shall be displayed at all camps, special ceremonies, and at the presentation of awards.
  3. The Company will parade with sections of the 7th Juan de Fuca Scout Group at Remembrance Day services in November, and at such other times as determined by the Executive Council. The Venturer Company flag shall be carried on all parades.


  1. A quorum consisting of at least two-thirds of the Company membership must be present before any motion to amend the By- Laws may be entertained. A two-thirds majority vote of the total Company membership is required for any amendment to be passed.
  2. The By-laws will normally be reviewed annually at the January Business Meeting.

Venturer Company Bylaws 2009