Cub Scout Pack

Cub Scouts is a three-year program that follows a natural progression of skill acquisition through badge work and star work. The requirements for each of these badges and stars foster skill development in areas such as the outdoors, citizenship, personal and social development.

TIME: 6:30 p m. to 8:00 p m. Thursdays

PLACE: John Stubbs Elementary School – Small Gym

WEEKLY DUES: $1.00. These dues are mainly to help with the cost of badges, which is substantial in Scouting, and disposable craft supplies. A senior Cub, known as a Sixer, takes attendance and collects dues, which are submitted and recorded by the Cub Scouters.

ATTENDANCE: Should your child not be able to attend a meeting/event or is expected to be late, please contact one of the Cub Scouters. The opening circle is the tone setting for the meeting and punctuality is encouraged in order to teach the youth responsibility. Cubs and Scouts work in small groups and a group loses points for late arrivals. This hurts the group, not just your child.

UNIFORMS: Regulation uniform must be worn at all meetings and formal events. Regulation uniform may be purchased at Scout House. Your child will receive his/her necker and woggle at the time of their investiture into Scouting.

BADGES: The Cub Scout Handbook is part of the regulation uniform and may be purchased at Scout House. The program is clearly outlined in this handbook. Although leaders work with the youth individually and in small groups known as sixes, it is impossible for them to cover all the requirements for all of the badges during their one and a half hour weekly meeting. Parents are encouraged to take an active part in helping their child achieve these skills and badges. Leaders will be happy to answer questions about badge requirements. A diagram showing the placement of badges and chevrons is contained in the Cub Handbook.

EXPECTED CODE OF BEHAVIOUR AND DISCIPLINE: A Cub Scout activity is a place of high energy and, as such, we expect a lot of noise and activity. However, aggressive, disruptive and/or destructive behaviour towards the leaders, other Cubs, and/or property will not be tolerated. Discipline, as covered in the leaders’ training, can include anything from a quiet talk to time-out. A youth may lose out on a game, an outing or an activity for negative behavior that is not corrected after warnings have been given. The Pack has adopted a “Three Strikes” policy. If, after two warnings for inappropriate behavior, the youth has not remedied the problem, the parent will be called and the youth asked to leave the meeting. If you, as a parent, have any concerns regarding discipline or conduct, please discuss this with your leaders or notify the Group Commissioner.

FUNDRAISING: As you are aware, fundraising is a necessary part of all self-funded organizations. Therefore, ALL Cubs are expected to participate in ALL fundraisers throughout the year unless excused by special permission of the Cub Leaders. It is important that the youth be aware of the reason for a fundraiser as the public often asks the youths. Check with your leader if you are not sure. It is also important that you, as parents, review with your child appropriate manners while in public. Remember that while in uniform, the youth represents all of Scouting.

NEWSLETTERS: Your leaders will provide you with monthly newsletters to keep you informed of upcoming Cub activities. As well, you may receive notices from the Group Committee regarding events pertaining to the whole of 7th Juan de Fuca. Please read them carefully and mark dates on your calendar!

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