Cub Camp Kit List

Winter/Spring Camp Kit List

** use as a checklist, The highlighted items are a must!

  • Warm sleeping bag – rated to at least 0ºC
  • Foamy (closed cell mat) (no blow up air mats – poor insulators)
  • Pillow/sleeping buddy (optional)
  • Sneakers and water proof/resistant boots (well treated hiking boots if you have them)
  • Several pairs of wool or micro-fibre socks. (cotton socks are not the best choice)
  • Appropriate layers of clothing, at this time of year, we have summer-like days, and winter-like nights, so please include a lightweight jacket for day and a winter jacket for night.
  • Polar fleece is a great middle layer.
  • underwear, pyjamas, shirts, pants (not cotton or jeans…sweat-type pants of polar fleece, acrylic, polyester blend, and man-made fibres insulate best and dry quickest), include as many of these as you feel your child may need, then add one more complete set tied in a plastic bag for in their daypack. In the spring, depending on the weather, shorts and tee-shirts.
  • Mitts or gloves (a string through sleeves of the winter jacket ensures that they do not get lost)
  • HAT (with brim for sun) and a toque for sleeping in and for during campfire
  • toiletries(toothbrush, paste, floss, soap, washcloth – in a ziplock bag with name)
  • Sunscreen / sunglasses / insect repellent
  • Flashlight with new batteries or spare batteries.
  • Mess kit (plate, bowl, knife, fork, spoon, cup)
  • Campfire blanket (wool or fire-retardant-fibre) ***also used as an extra layer at night
  • A piece of paper with a song, skit, or favorite game.

Daypack containing the following:

**(school backpack works great)

  • Water bottle
  • Rain wear!!!!!
  • Survival kit (if you have one)
  • 1st aid kit (if you have one)
  • “Sit-upon” (a few sheets of newspaper in a garbage bag folded to about 30 x 30 cm – duct or masking taped together –or a piece of an old blue foamy sleeping pad ) – this is to give a dry, insulated place to sit on hikes, at campfire etc.
  • spare set of clothes in a plastic bag.

****Do not bring: ****

  • Candy or other food items
  • Walkman/cd player, or video games.
  • Pocket Knife (unless told to bring one)

Please mark everything with your child’s initials or name. (if you have trouble supplying your child with any of the items on the list, please speak to the leadership team, we may be able to help you out with the loan of a few items- including hiking boots, foamy pads, warm sleeping bags, fleece clothing items.)

Cub Camp Kit List
Cub Camp Kit List v2